Lash Game began in the salon

The concept for our company came through our decade spent building Lady Lash, the award-winning Sydney-based salons focusing on lash extensions, lash lifts and brows. Working with lashes requires patience, skill and commitment, which our stylists have in spades–we kept noticing, however, that questions were arising that we could find no answers to. While testing and sourcing different lash shampoos, we just couldn’t find a cleanser that could do everything that we wanted–where was the gentle, oil-free formula that would actually make lash extensions clean and easy to wear? We decided to make our own, and Lash Game was born.

The result, the best-selling Foaming Lash Cleanser, is Australian-made and internationally renowned. Our specially-formulated cleanser was a result of months of testing and refinement and is now stocked in salons across the U.S and U.K.

As passionate lash stylists ourselves, we know what makes and breaks a successful salon. We believe there are two factors you can never compromise on in the lash business–quality lash education and quality products.This philosophy lies at the core of our entire products range–Lash Game sources and tests high-quality, effective professional products, creating a one-stop shop for everything a lash stylist would ever need. We know that life moves fast for a lash stylist, so we offer free shipping on all orders over $100.

A lash salon is only as good as its stylists, and every client who leaves a lash boutique should be an advertisement in themselves.The Lash Game training programme, created by industry leader Grace, is focused on perfecting the art of lashes in two accessible, practical modules. Lash beginners and advanced technicians are welcome, with classic and volume courses available! Our lash students have gone on to dominate the industry themselves, earning places in international lash competitions including the Sunshine Pro Series 2018. We know that lash education does not end in the training room, and regularly publish innovative articles to help our fellow artists stay on top of the lash game.

Welcome Lash Game to your salon–we can’t wait to meet you.