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Helping your lash extensions to last longer!

helping your lash extensions to lash longer

In a perfect world, eyelash extensions would last forever–however, until scientists have found a way to stop time, clients will be wanting infills! The week before an infill is always the hardest–every client wants their lash extensions to be as full and glamorous as when they first walk out of the salon, and the anticipation

What do when your clients wear striplashes?

What do when your clients wear striplashes?

Party season is almost here, and we all love treating our clients to super-full holiday lashes–after a long year, they have earned it? When your clients wear lash extensions regularly, it’s easy to get used to the lovely long lashes that they see in the mirror each morning. When it comes to costume parties or

Cleansing eyelash extensions! Why is it so important?

Eyelash Foaming Cleanser | Cleansing Eyelash Extensions

One of the most common experiences for a technician is also one of the most frustrating–a client comes in for their appointment with mascara residue or oily lashes, and you have to go through the process of cleansing eyelash extensions and remove everything before you can even apply primer. This means that fifteen minutes is

Organising your lash day

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A busy lash business can be an absolute madhouse on some days. Technicians racing about, restocking products, late and challenging clients—sometimes it feels like a miracle that everybody comes out unscathed! Whether you’re lashing at home or in a salon, you may need nerves of steel—the beauty industry is a tough business, but the art