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The concept for LashGame came through our decade spent building our lash salon brand in Australia and working amongst some of the globe's top lash stylists. Whilst testing and sourcing different after-care products to retail in our salon network and helping encourage our clients to look after their lashes properly, we had trouble finding products that had all the features we wanted. 
❌ Some contained ingredients we didn’t think suitable for sensitive eyes or for various reasons and weren’t exactly compatible with eyelash extensions.

❌ Some weren’t labelled correctly, and well, some just had ugly AF packaging, and were a bit of an embarrassment to have displayed on our shelves in salon!

We wanted a cleanser that was oil-free, had very minimal fragrance and other filler ingredients and was easy and convenient to use. And something that looked pretty – like it belonged in our salons, not in a pharmacy. 
None of this mix-your-own baby shampoo-and baking soda amateur rubbish – we wanted top-shelf safe products for our clients, who were making a long-term investment in their lashes.  

So, we decided then to take things into our own hands. We partnered with a local cosmetic chemist and began the testing process - and LashGame was born!
Now loved by lash techs and lash salon owners around the globe as stockists of the LashGame product range.
As passionate lash stylists ourselves, we know what makes and breaks a successful salon business. We believe there are two factors you can never compromise on in the lash business–quality lash education and quality products.
This philosophy lies at the core of our entire products range – we are passionately committed to developing high-quality, effective professional products that you will love using, and be proud to stock in your lash space, however big or small that may be.

Wholesale Options for Salons

We have four amazing products that we feel every lash artist would love to use and retail! The best part - they are all completely lash friendly! 
Foaming Cleanser :
Our Foaming Lash Cleanser is a great choice for technicians and clients alike, as regular lash cleaning is an important factor in maintaining the longevity of lash extensions and as a preparation for infills. This is completely gentle on the eyes, no sting and removes all dirt, oil and makeup build up.
We have two options for wholesale : 
1 : Wholesale pack of 15 100ml bottles. Each bottle comes with a cleansing brush too! We also have a retail stand that these full sized bottles fit perfectly into and look great in the salon! There is also great retail margins on these for lash stylists!
2 : Wholesale pack of 10 30ml bottles. These are our travel sized bottles and are perfect for first time clients to get them started, or to take anywhere you go. Cleansing brushes are seperate.  
Makeup Remover : 
#1 Makeup remover for eyelash extensions. It gently and effectively removes eye-makeup without irritating or drying the skin or softening eye-lash glue, suitable for everyday day use. This is perfect for those clients that love to wear makeup around their eyes!
We have two options for Wholesale : 
1 : Wholesale pack of 15 100ml bottles. This is perfect for those clients that love to wear makeup around their eyes as it is powerful in removing it but doesn't damage the lashes! We recommend using this with lint free cotton pads.
2 : Wholesale pack of 10 30ml bottles. These are our travel sized bottles and are perfect for first time clients to get them started, or to take anywhere you go. 
Growth Serum : 
A  nourishing serum that encourages growth and strengthens hair follicles for longer, thicker looking lashes. The best part - can be used daily while wearing eyelash extensions. It is completely safe for contact lens wearers and cruelty free (not tested on animals). We do not recommend this product if you are pregnant, lactating or undergoing chemotherapy.
We offer this product in either a Wholesale pack of 6 or 11. This is another product that has great retail margin for lash stylists! They are a 5ml bottle and should last a client around 3-6 months.
Eyeliner :
The perfect black eyeliner that is lash extension safe! If you’re looking for the perfect eyeliner that won’t ruin your eyelash extensions, this is for you! Specially manufactured by LASHGAME, this product will not damage your lash extensions or clump them no matter how much you use it!
We offer this product in either a Wholesale pack of 6 or 11. This is great to offer those clients that like to have a 'full' or 'dramatic' look in between fills, as we don't want them to put any products on that may damage them! It also removes so easily, just use a cotton pad (lint free) and some Makeup Remover (oil free)!
LashGame Lash Cleanser


  1. If you've never experienced the quality difference of LashGame's products - we recommend ordering a free sample pack to test out our products. Order your free sample pack for lash salons and at home technicians here.
  2. Your products arrive, you test them and love them.
  3. To access wholesale pricing and bulk packs, simply send us an email at info@lashgame.com.au and we will grant you access to the wholesale products and pricing area of our site.
  4. When you are ready to place a wholesale order, head to lash-game.com and log-in and create a password.  Use code WELCOME10 at checkout for 10% off your first order. 
  5. You will now see wholesale pricing and bulk packs available for you to shop for your salon and lash clients.
To all our existing stockists, we have recently updated our website. Please login to the website and create a password. This will allow you to see all your previous orders and all of our wholesale pack pricing options.
Any queries, please contact info@lashgame.com.au or DM us on Instagram @lashgame_official 
LashGame Foaming Lash Cleanser