Are you interested in eyelash extension training, learning how to apply eyelash extensions? Or to advance your existing skills, to learn volume application?

We offer comprehensive eyelash extension training courses in both classic and volume eyelash extension methods, with classes held monthly. Our trainers have over 30 years combined experience, and have coached many students towards rewarding careers in the lash industry. Our students have won places in various lash competitions both locally and internationally, including 2 years running at the Australian & New Zealand Lash Championships, and many have gone on to have their own successful lash salons.

In our classic eyelash extension training course, you will learn the foundations to successful and safe classic eyelash extension application. You will gain a solid understanding of the theory behind the process, as well as rules for design and styling. Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 4 students, to allow for plenty of 1:1 practical supervision. You will be given live demonstrations of all aspects of the application process, and work on live models under the close supervision of your trainer. Included is an extensive kit, packed with everything you will need, including the very lash types, tweezers and adhesives that we use in our salons to create beautiful lashes.

In our volume eyelash extension masterclass training course,  you will learn the advanced technique of volume lash extensions, a rapidly growing trend in the lash industry. Unlike classic lash extensions, which are applied 1:1 on the natural lash, volume lashes use 2-7 of the finest eyelash extensions to make a fan to attach to a single natural lash. This newest technique, when done correctly, creates an amazing lash set with superior fullness and density. You will learn how to make perfect fans, how to speed up your work, correct glue usage and advanced styling techniques—all the skills needed to become a volume master. You will also learn the best techniques for retention and how to manage and satisfy client expectations. Kit included in course cost.


    • 2nd / 3rd June 2018
    • 21st/ 22nd July 2018
    • 04th / 05 August 2018
    • 15th / 16th September 2018
    • 6th / 7th October 2018
    • 10th / 11th November 2018
    • 1st / 2nd December 2018


    • 17th /18th February 2018
    • 28th / 29th April 2018
    • 23rd / 24th June 2018
    • 25th / 26th August 2018
    • 20th / 21st October 2018
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