DAMASK ROSE: Hydrates the natural lashes promoting natural lash health and moisturises the eye area to help fight the signs of ageing.

GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT: Has antimicrobial qualities and will help to kill unwanted bacteria in the lash area, along with providing a thorough clean.

SODIUM PCA: A completely natural ingredient derived from plants, fruits and coconuts – Sodium PCA is used to bind moisture to cells, keeping your natural lashes lush.

DISTILLED WATER: Water ain’t water! We use only the best distilled water, free from toxins or minerals to ensure the formula remains pure.


As simple as this video. A pump or two of LashGame Foaming Cleanser, then using the brush (that comes free inside the pack with your bottle) massage the foaming cleanser through your lashes thoroughly and gently. Do the same on both eyes, and rinse the cleanser away with luke-warm water. If using a make up pad to remove the cleanser, please make sure it’s lint free.

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