Organising your lash day

LashGame Lash Library

A busy lash business can be an absolute madhouse on some days. Technicians racing about, restocking products, late and challenging clients—sometimes it feels like a miracle that everybody comes out unscathed! Whether you’re lashing at home or in a salon, you may need nerves of steel—the beauty industry is a tough business, but the art you create and the relationships you make are so worth it. There are plenty of easy tips you can incorporate into your routine to make the day-to-day running of a salon a lot smoother. These simple strategies will keep a smile on your face and create a great base of happy clients!

Confirm all your clients the day before.

Knowing who is coming to your salon in advance is absolutely fundamental to a successful business. If a client does not show up it can throw off the entire day, leading to less income for the technician and a lack of morale in the salon. Even better, if you are certain of at least 90% of clients attending their appointments, you can prepare their lash sizes ahead of time! Whether you have a text or email system in place, it is ideal to fill and confirm as many spaces as you can before the salon opens—plus, when the clients receive a reminder, your business will look efficient and organised. A win-win! Of course, walk-ins are completely fine in smaller or beginner salons—you can come across some wonderful new clients that way. However, if you are dealing with multiple technicians or a larger salon, client confirmation systems are certainly the way to go.

Make sure your stock is up to date.

Checking your stock may sound like a chore, but it’s one of the biggest contributors to salon panic. If the products you sell are unavailable, that’s unfortunate for the client—however, if you don’t even know whether they are in stock or not, you risk looking unprofessional. And it’s so easy to avoid! Scheduling a weekly time to stocktake and order your tools and products takes away the doubt, since you never have to worry about running out. It’s also a great idea to research and limit your suppliers, as streamlining your lash supplies makes the ordering process easier . Having an easy-to-use storage system is always a bonus here, so do your research and make sure you find storage that works for you and your business.

Beat the clock.

Once you’ve perfected a particular lash look for your regular clients, you can be confident that they will want the same lashes for most appointments—this makes it a no-brainer to pre-prepare your lash trays for each regular! Depending on how many clients you have, you can prepare hours or even days in advance for each client, simply popping the lash sizes they prefer on your trays. Find a secure, dust-free space to keep these trays and your schedule will become so much more efficient. The LASHGAME Lash Library is a fantastic storage product for this method, with 21 specially designed trays to fit all your lash needs. The glossy box is perfectly portable and safe for use with volume and classic lashes, designed specifically for technicians. With a Lash Library you can be confident that your lashes will be organised neatly and securely every day—a little peace of mind in the busy world of beauty!

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