Max2 Eyelash Coating Sealant | Clear and Black

$19.95 inc. GST

Decided to take your lashes on the road or simply wanting to prolong the life of your extensions? Max2 Eyelash Coating Sealant is the perfect solution for you! Manufactured by a leading name in lash products, this formula is specially made to protect lash glue from water, dirt and makeup, extending the wear of your beautiful lashes and ensuring that your natural lashes remain healthy and strong. The sealant creates an ultra thin membrane around the glue, effectively providing an extra layer of security for your eyelash extensions. Our technicians recommend using a sealant especially if you are travelling, where humidity and constant swimming may begin to break down the glue bond–when you’re abroad, Max2 Eyelash Coating Sealant will keep your lashes looking their best! Max 2 Coating Sealant is designed for easy and quick everyday use, its slender application brush able to swipe over the roots of your lashes to create a stronger bond. This product comes in a clear formula for a natural enhancement, as well as a black sealant for a subtle eyeliner effect.


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