Premade fans vs handmade fans

What are volume lashes? And why there has been much discussion about the using pre-made volume fans versus hand made volume fans.

Unlike classic lash extensions, which are applied 1:1 on the natural lash, volume lashes use 2-7 of very thin and lightweight eyelash extensions to create a fan by hand to attach to a single natural lash. You will need to make sure that the base of the fan is very slim and when a fan is dipped into adhesive properly, you will see seamless attachment even with multiple eyelash extensions attached together.  Of course it will take a lot of practice, patience and time to master it. 

Even though it takes long hours to complete a full set of volume lash extensions, a lot of lash technicians prefer to use hand made fans because there are many advantages of hand making fans. Firstly, the Russian volume technique is very unique and once you have mastered it will be a great achievement to add to your career! Also this technique can provide a bespoke service to your client and it will come with high satisfaction because those volume lashes will be completely customized to each of your clients. 

However since the popularity of volume lash extension has risen,  pre-made fans are getting popular as well!

Unlike hand made volume fans, premade volume fans are a group of anywhere from 2-7 lashes are glued or heat bonded together at the base and they are ready to pick up and use! 

For those that have not quite developed their skills in handmade volume fans Lash Game has created some premade volume fans that are easy to pickup from the tray, leaving no sticky residue for a seamless application.  Also they are wide fans, with very thin bases and an almost negligible amount of glue at the bases, meaning that to some degree, they will provide some flexibility around the natural lash. As it doesn’t require certain skill to make a fan, this appeals to lash artists who don’t have any experience of volume lash extension. Also using premade lashes can save time for both clients and technicians because it is a speedy volume treatment. So it would be the best option for those clients who cannot lay down for long hours but want them to look fuller and thicker.

Taking all these into consideration, absolutely there are pros and cons of using both hand made fans and premade fans however we believe the handmade volume fans will create a fuller, darker and fluffier looking. Also it allows more control of the lashing process from start to finish!

Whether you are newbies for volume lash or experienced technicians and would like to hone you skills further, we would love to offer our one-day master volume lash training. It will cover pretty much everything, creating perfect fans, speeding up your work, correct glue usage, proper lash pickup and more. You will get real time feedback from our trainer and be able to expand your knowledge and skills in the unique craft of eyelash extensions.