About us

LashGame was born in a specialist eyelash extension salon. Our products are created by lash stylists who are highly experienced and passionate for their craft, and have developed this product range for lash stylists all over the world to use and retail. There is no product that we sell that we don’t love and use ourselves and haven’t rigorously tested (on humans!) 

The concept for our company came through our decade spent building our lash salon network, working amongst some of Australia’s top lash stylists. Whilst testing and sourcing different after care products to retail and help encourage our clients to look after their lashes properly, we had trouble finding products that had all the features we wanted. Some contained ingredients we didn’t think suitable for sensitive eyes or for various reasons, weren’t exactly compatible with eyelash extensions. 

Some weren’t labelled correctly, and well, some just had ugly AF packaging, and were a bit of an embarrassment to have on our shelves…

We wanted a cleanser that was oil-free, had very minimal fragrance and other filler ingredients, and was easy and convenient to use. And something that looked pretty – like it belonged in our salons, not in a pharmacy. None of this mix-your-own baby shampoo-and baking soda amateur rubbish – we wanted top shelf for our clients, who were making a serious investment in their lashes.  

So, we decided then to take things into our own hands.
We partnered with a local cosmetic chemist and began the testing process - and LashGame was born.

Initially, we launched best-selling Foaming Lash Cleanser, which is Australian-made and internationally renowned. Our specially formulated cleanser was a result of months of testing and refinement and is now stocked in salons across Australia, as well as the U.S, U.K and New Zealand. After this, came the rest of the family - the lash-safe makeup remover, lash growth serum, and the lash-safe liquid liner.   
LashGame Product Range 


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