Red eyes from lashes - and what do you do about it?

Can it always be prevented? How to prepare your sensitive eye clients?

Even with the highest amount of care, some clients do tend to go a little red for a short period after a lash appointment. This can be because some eye shapes don't close/seal entirely, and the glue fumes can cause a little dryness. Usually, it will resolve shortly afterwards. But major redness IS a big problem, and can indicate a fume burn or allergy, or underlying eye condition.

We recommend trying the following to prevent eye redness:

1. Make sure the eye pads/tape are not too high - you really want to ensure this, as if they push up into the eye, it's super uncomfortable for the client, and can cause redness. 

2. Ensure the lashes are very, very clean before you start. For sensitive clients, we recommend having them wash their own lashes first, before you clean them. Makeup residues going back into the eye can be majorly irritating, so if your client comes in with mascara, send them over to your basin with some LashGame Foam cleanser stat!

3. Don't tape eye lids up too high - avoid taping up where possible, and use a dental mirror to check there's no visible eye white. Tape one eye at a time only for sensitive clients.

4. Check on your client regularly, that it's feeling ok and not uncomfortable - sometimes the eyepads can slip up and you want to make sure they haven't! 

5. Some clients just CAN'T handle a 2-3 hour lash appointment (those bigger sets/handmade volume etc) - for those extra sensitive clients, you may want to try building up to a bigger set over 2/3 appointments, and scheduling their infills more frequently. 

6. Use a high-quality glue. Super fumey glues generally cause more irritation. Our LashGame Expert is very low fume, as is Lady Black. Most clients handle them well!

7. Don't talk to your client in the booking - it can make their eyes open (even slightly) which can then cause irritation. Explain to them gently "I think our chatting is making your eyes move, so I might have to stop talking fo a little while, just so your eyes can be still, as I don't want you to end up with an irritation!) 
8. Recommend your clients avoid consuming too much coffee/caffeine before their appointment, as it can lead to shaky eyes that don't close properly! 

Hope these tips help you!