Approved Affiliates

Overview (How it all works!)

We’re excited to offer our LashGame Ambassadors a 20% commission on each LashGame product sold through the unique affiliate link and discount code that we provide you. 💸

You’ll have the freedom to build your business your way; and post what you want, how you want. This means you can promote LashGame as much or as little as you want. 🙌

We’re so grateful for our stellar team of ambassadors - without your hard work and dedication in spreading the LashGame love, we wouldn’t be where we are without you! ❤️


The Brief 

LashGame is so much more than an eyelash extension brand. We believe that beauty and health go hand in hand. No compromises. 

Because we all deserve products that uphold the highest level of quality and integrity without wondering what’s inside or whether it’s safe for our skin. 💕

🌟 We’re all about the good stuff. And our people can count on that. 

Australian-made, tried-and-tested, gentle, oil-free, cruelty-free, and of course eyelash extension friendly. 


Your Tasks

Create and post social media content to promote the LashGame product you’re using or unboxing. 

The 4 primary products you’ll be promoting are LashGame’s Foaming Cleanser, Growth Serum, Makeup Remover, and Liquid Eyeliner. 

Our lash-safe foaming cleanser is specifically designed to be gentle and effective for cleaning dirt and makeup from the eyes, and acts as a facial cleanser too! 

Not into falsies at all? Our lash growth serum is a great alternative to help nourish and condition lash follicles to achieve visibly longer and thicker lashes. 

Looking for a gentle, lash-safe product to remove makeup? Our oil-free makeup remover formula effectively removes eye makeup without irritating the skin or softening eyelash glue. It contains natural moisturizing and soothing qualities to condition the follicle region while promoting natural lash growth and strengthening to prevent breakages. 

Last but not least, our Liquid Eyeliner allows you to draw perfect lines, every time - without worrying about damage or clumping your lashes no matter how much you use! Not to mention it’s formulated to be gentle on the skin and easily removed - perfect for lash extensions. 


Promotion Process:

  1. If you are approved and already own LashGame products, you can immediately get started by placing referral links issued to you in your posts to receive a commission on any of your fan’s clicks that turn into sales. If you do not own any LashGame products yet, once your application has been approved, we will send out our product gifts to you.
  2. Each time your unique link is clicked is an opportunity for a sale. Sales will be tracked throughout the month and will be paid out on a monthly basis. 



Please remember to use the proper tags so our affiliate platform recognises your posts! 

Mandatory hashtags for every post will be @lashgame_official  #lashgamelashes #lashgameonpoint

Any other hashtag added should be according to what product you are wearing/using or promoting: 

Foaming Cleanser: #LashGameFoamingCleanser

Makeup Remover: #LashGameMakeupRemover

Growth Serum: #LashGameSerum

Liquid Eyeliner:  #LashGameEyeliner

TikTok Channel Related: #lashesoftiktok #eyelashextensioncleanse #lashcleaningtutorial #lashasmr #cleanlashes #lashartisttok #lashcleantutorial #lashextensions 


Compensation & Perks

The benefits of joining our affiliate program:

  • Offer your followers 20% OFF discount codes
  • Receive 20% commissions on all of your personal sales that can be tracked through your referral link.
  • Ability to track your commission and receive easy monthly payments.
  • Possible features on our LashGame media platforms (we'll tag and send them back your way to access your code 😘)

Additional Terms

If you are a salon owner, you cannot use your affiliate discount code on top of your wholesale pricing.  The affiliate discount and commission are not valid on wholesale packs, LadyLash or training products.

The discount is NOT to be shared to third party websites such as coupon and deal databases. Should the discount code be found on such a website, the affiliate status will be revoked. Please make sure your PayPal email ID is current and on file with us, if it is not, we will be unable to send your monthly commissions through. 

Your first post is expected to be made within 2 weeks of receiving your free product.

We also ask that our ambassadors are not affiliated with other eyelash extension companies or lash growth serum companies as it is a conflict of interest. Please email for clarification if you have any questions or want to discuss a possible compromise. 

If you have any questions feel free to email at any time! You have our full support. (Please check your spam/junk folder if you have not received an email within 3-4 days).

Content Rights

The approved affiliate grants LashGame a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up, transferable, sub-licensable and perpetual right and license to reproduce, publish, distribute, display, repost, share and edit all content created for or on behalf of LashGame. In any and all media now known or developed in the future, including the right to create derivative works; which includes but is not limited to: 

  • Use in online advertising (i.e. search, social ads etc.) 
  • Use in LashGame’s digital, email or text message communications
  • Publishing to LashGame’s websites
  • Posting and sharing to LashGame’s social media platforms 



**To acknowledge you have received and read the affiliate content brief, please enter your name and email address and hit submit below.  Please note commissions won't be paid unless this step is complete.  

Need some ideas? Here is some great influencer content to inspire you!

TikTok Style

Ad example #1

Ad example #2

Ad example #3


Demo video Style: 


Growth Serum Results Video 


Still Image: 

Selfie (wearing falsies) promoting LashGame for extension aftercare in general ie, “this is my secret to great looking lashes for weeks on end!” 


Modelling with product:

Ad example #1

Ad example #2

Ad example #2


Product focused: 

eCommerce style - talking to camera about the features of the product, why you love the product - see the Billo showcase videos for great examples