Cleansing eyelash extensions! Why is it so important?

One of the most common experiences for a technician is also one of the most frustrating--a client comes in for their appointment with mascara residue or oily lashes, and you have to go through the process of cleansing eyelash extensions and remove everything before you can even apply primer. This means that fifteen minutes is shaved off your lashing time, an inconvenience that can throw your entire mindset off. This is a day-to-day occurrence at a busy salon, but times are changing!

Recently the talk of the lash industry has been cleansing eyelash extensions. No longer is it the onus of the technician to make sure that their clients’ lash lines are free from makeup, oily buildup and mascara before they begin to lash--we have now realised that clients can take responsibility for their own lashes. And once they know how to cleanse their lashes and lash extensions, life becomes so much easier for both of you! Aftercare products are becoming more important than ever, as the lash process becomes a part of our daily beauty routine. As lash stylists, we can take advantage of this and make sure our clients are educated to cleanse the right way.

One of the best ways to assist a client with frequently dirty lashes is to recommend a lash cleanser . These little beauties are specially formulated to lift makeup and buildup off the lashes, and can be a real help with retention by improving general lash health. It’s exactly the same theory behind hair washing--skin oils catch in the lashes just as they do on your head, they are just more difficult to see in a smaller area!

A way to approach your client about this is to chat about general cleansing habits. Do they have a face wash or makeup remover that they prefer to use? If so, check that it’s oil-free, as oils are the number-one enemy of lash glue and extensions in general. If they do not, recommend a cleanser--LASHGAME carries a foaming lash cleanser that even doubles as a face wash! Even if they do own a face wash, a specially formulated cleanser for lash extensions will always be more effective--and when it works, the client will know that you have their best lash interests at heart. Make sure to remind them to skip the cleanser on the first day, as the extension is still bonding, but after that they are good to go. It’s ideal to clean the lashes every two to three days after the appointment, and just before infills--this refreshes the lashes and takes off any grime so they are ready for that next appointment.

Many salons have now gotten on the lash cleanser bandwagon, and found that their clients and technicians are happier thanks to such a simple process of cleansing eyelash extensions.

Here’s to more lash time, improved relationships and better lashes!