"What is the difference" We get asked this a lot. Our Foaming Cleanser and Make Up Remover are (obviously) two different products, serving two different purposes. While they do have some of the same ingredients, the concentration levels differ greatly between each product. I know this sounds really obvious, but the Make Up Remover is a lash safe, oil free but hard working make up remover. You'd use this on your skin to remove make up, though it has been especially formulated for use with eyelash extensions (not to damage them, and actually to promote lash growth!). On the other hand, the foaming cleanser is for everyone, regardless of whether you wear make up or not. Itty bitty microscopic particles of dead skin, skin oil and air pollutants make their way into your eyelash extensions, and it's the foaming cleanser's job to get in there and remove any grime from the area. The foaming cleanser is a gentle formula that won't sting if it comes in contact with your eye, and the very nature of it 'foaming' means the solution gets right in to all the little lash nooks and crannies and cleans thoroughly.  Put simply, the LashGame Make Up Remover is for surface make up, LashGame Foaming Cleanser is for getting right in between your lashes. ♥️ ​. ​. ​. ​. ​#eyelashextensions #volumefans #hybridlashes #lashpractice #lashsale #sydneyeyelashextensions #lashproducts #buylashproducts #lashpro #lashtraining #lashgame #lashstylist #volumelashes #silklashes #minklashes #naturalvolumelashes #lashtraining #sydneylashlessons #lashmeme #lashfacts #lashtipsandtricks #volumelashtraining #lashmaps #lashart #lashstylist #lasheducation #lashsalon

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