How do I make my eyelash extensions last?

Over my years as a lash technician, I’ve had many students ask me the same question—what is the magic trick to keep the lashes that you apply from falling off? Now, that pesky lash cycle means that no lash set, however beautifully and neatly applied, can last forever. However, I have gathered a few simple techniques to try which have helped me to retain my clients’ lashes as long as possible—and kept those clients coming back to me for years!

Did you know that what happens after a set of extensions is applied is just as important as what happens during your appointment? This often surprises lash beginners, but with a bit of training it becomes easy to recognize potential problems and solve them before they affect the retention of the lashes!

If a new client comes in with oily or dirty lashes, a thorough clean is absolutely essential—a good base means a good set, which will bond firmly and last the distance. This is an opportunity to educate your client about proper lash aftercare, which will help you in the long run.

Always be honest with your clients, because both of you are working towards the same goal—stunning eyelashes that last for weeks! If they are clearly using an oily product, let them know that this will definitely compromise the glue bond and cause their lashes to fall off faster.  The same applies if they arrive at the salon with strip-lash adhesive or makeup on their lashes—all of these are big no-nos when it comes to retention, and nothing you can do can make lashes last if your client cannot take care of them afterwards!

A good lash shampoo can be a lifesaver here. Taking home a single product that cleanses properly will dramatically cut down the time a client (and you!) spends on their lashes—you can be confident that when they come in for infills, your canvas will be pristine and ready to go! At LashGame we stock a fantastic foaming cleanser that comes with a handy application brush, an essential product for any lash addict.  This shampoo washes away dirt, oil and makeup and is recommended by our technicians for everyday use!

Once your client has arrived at your salon, it is time to check out how their natural lashes are coping with the extensions. All successful lash technicians make sure that their clients’ lashes stay strong, as eyelash health is always first priority to keep those extensions lasting! If you notice that a client is wearing a set too thick for their natural lashes to hold, or that a regular client’s lashes are looking a little wispy, its time to change your approach to their lash styling. Again, honesty is key here—though a client never wants to hear that their natural lashes cannot support that thick Kardashian look, by working together you can find a customized style that they will love. Here are a few examples of what to look for—trust me, there are so many styling tips for individual eye shapes, I could write a whole other article on them!

If the extensions are a bit too thick, trying a slender lash in a more pronounced curl will give the natural lashes some relief whilst maintaining a dramatic effect. Recommending volume fans for their next appointment can also help a little lash go a long way!

If a client with weaker lashes is bent on achieving that cat eye look, you can modify it slightly to suit them. By applying shorter extensions to the very end corner of the eye, and concentrating the longest extensions to the stronger lashes just above that corner, you create an almond-shaped eye that Cleopatra would covet—all the while knowing your client’s lashes will stay fighting fit for your next appointment.

If you want your makeup to last, you need to prime away the last bits of dirt and oil left on your face—it’s the same with lashes! We recommend the double-prime trick, especially for oily lashes, to make sure that extensions will hold as long as possible. Another little secret is to place a tissue under the lashes when priming, which soaks up the primer and coats both top and bottom to perfection! LashGame primer comes with a special applicator to ensure a swift and easy priming, so you can get down to business and start creating those gorgeous lash sets .

The most important tip I have to share is also the simplest—using the right glue always makes the world of difference in a treatment, and turns new clients into regulars! There are many lash glues on the market, each with its own drying time and bonding strength, and it’s so important to do your research into what would suit your technique and the clients that you’re looking to attract. If you’re a newer technician, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to use a glue with slower drying time—this gives you the space you need to position a lash with neatness and precision, making your sets more beautiful and long-lasting! LashGame carries a great glue product for beginners and technicians looking for more flexibility. Of course, those who have been doing classic and volume lashes for years usually prefer faster glues, which work well for a confident technician and bond very strongly to the natural lash. Looking at your salon environment also helps decide on your glue type, since the temperature and humidity can affect the bond. Don’t be afraid to change up your glue between clients, different lash sets or even different days—it takes a while to work out which works best for your style, but once you do there’s no looking back!

My favourite client has been coming to me for lashes for nearly ten years. While I’ve honed my skills in eyelash extensions, she has been along for the ride—we have tried nearly every sort of lash material and technique together, and I’m happy to say that her natural lashes are still a pleasure to work with. These little tips are easy to incorporate into your own lash process, and will ensure that ten years from now, you have wonderful clients whose lashes look fresh and beautiful time after time!