How to become an eyelash extension technician?

Thinking of training in eyelash extensions?

Lashes. Everyone loves them.

Eyelash extensions are easily the fastest-growing part of the beauty biz, with salons across Australia and internationally now offering lashes as a standard service. Specialised lash boutiques like Lady Lash Australia have made huge names for themselves in the industry and attract thousands of clients each week. And lash technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past ten years, with techniques and innovative lash products allowing more creativity than ever before. So is now your time to jump on the lash wagon and become a certified lash stylist?

If you’ve been considering switching gears and learning eyelash extensions, there are some important things you need to know.

Firstly, lash extensions are no walk in the park. Whether you’re salon-based or own your own business, every lash stylist has to work hard at their craft every day. And the more clients who discover you, the more hours you’ll be working!  But that’s exactly why lashes are so addictive - once you know the basics, it’s such a thrill to see yourself getting better and better and creating truly special lash sets. That moment when you sit back and look at a great set of lash extensions, properly isolated and neatly placed, is a magical one. I’ve been lashing for seventeen years, and I still get that fabulous feeling every time a client walks into the salon!

It’s important to start your new career right by undergoing proper training. Many of Australia’s leading lash artists started out a decade ago when the industry was new and training courses were extremely basic. Some even reported using YouTube as an early training tool! Back then, lash extensions were often ultra thick and only applied in one style, and most courses didn’t require any practical work at all. Luckily, many of today’s lash stars have learned from these early missteps and started their own training academies specially geared towards lash education. During my Lash Game courses, I teach my students the techniques that I’ve learned throughout my career in Australia and overseas - over seventeen years, I can’t even count how many clients that I’ve seen, but I’m sure it's upwards of 25,000. By giving my students a solid base of lash theory and practice, I can be confident that their lash journey is off to the best possible start. Learning how to do things right the first time is so, so key to a successful career - you wouldn’t just start cutting someone’s hair after watching one tutorial, would you?

Before you choose your lash course, do your research. Check how many days the course lasts - beginner lash courses should be two days long, whereas techniques like Russian volume should only be attempted by experienced lash stylists and can therefore be shorter. Make sure that live models are used. With live models, you can gain practical skills by watching your trainer work and using those techniques on an actual person with real lashes. If you’re willing to travel for your lash course, check that your model can travel with you or advertise locally for a reliable pair of eyes. Our top tip? Check out the Instagram of your training course to get a feel for the program and whether its for you.

Lash education shouldn’t just end in the classroom - the truly top-notch courses usually require you to complete a certain amount of lash sets on live models before reaching your certification. At Lash Game, we recommend sending at least five completed lash sets, with close up photos, before your qualification is granted. That way, we can send you feedback about how you’re travelling and correct any errors that might come up along the way. Gather your friends, family, co-workers or search on Facebook for willing models - often these people can turn into your first paying clients! Using live models gives you the confidence to work with clients, and will bring you into contact with different sorts of lashes. Though this often seems like the most difficult part of lash training, it’s also the most empowering.

If you’re still not sure about lash extensions, go and treat yourself to a set in a specialised lash boutique. Take in the atmosphere, relax and then check your new lashed-up look in the mirror - how does it make you feel? If you want to make your clients feel that extra-special ‘fresh lashes’ feeling, then take the plunge.

For further details or course enquiries at Lash Game, check out our website