Hygiene in the salon

Hygiene. It’s not exactly the most glamorous of topics, but it’s a super important facet of a lash stylist’s job. You can have the luxurious salon, the right tools and a fabulous Instagram, but if you don’t pay attention to hygiene there’s no way that you can attract and keep clients. We are dealing with people’s eyes and lashes, after all! In my years in the lash industry, I’ve discovered some handy tips and tricks to make sure that your clients’ lashes are healthy and hygienic - and that they stay that way in between appointments.

The basics

Salon hygiene is everyone’s responsibility. All your employees, from your receptionist to your lash stylists, should look tidy, organised and show off a high standard of personal hygiene. Put yourself in your client’s shoes - would you like to walk into a sloppy salon, or have a technician with dirty fingernails come near your eyes? Hopefully, the answer is ‘no WAY!’

Instituting a simple, easy-to-follow dress code for your salon can help your employees look professional. A popular solution is wearing all black clothing - everyone owns a black shirt or skirt, which makes this dress code extra achievable. Your stylists can jazz up their outfits with accessories or a colourful face mask!

A cleaning schedule and readily available cleaning products can work wonders for a busy salon. This is a great job for any lash stylists with late cancellations or gaps in their day - just ask them to take the cleaning bucket and do a little bit of housekeeping to pass the time. Keep an eye on glass surfaces, sinks and bathrooms throughout the work day - these are utilised more often than any other surface during the day and tend to show more dirt. If anything is looking a bit messy, give it a quick wipe with an antibacterial cloth and voila!

I cannot repeat this enough during my training courses - every self-respecting lash stylist must thoroughly disinfect their tools between every client. The eye is one of the most delicate areas of the human body, and if we’re putting tools near a client’s eyes they must be clean as a whistle! Find a medical-grade solution that works for your needs and make sure it’s in stock all the time. And don’t forget the hand sanitiser! A big bottle of Dettol and a jar of disinfectant for every lash stylist is a must - store them by your lash bed and use between each client, before and after lunch and if you’re ever just feeling the need. Items like lash wands, micro-brushes, tape, cotton buds and eye-pads are strictly single-use. If you’re worried about the environmental impact of using disposable materials, you can source biodegradable options - bamboo cotton buds are an eco-friendly solution.

Clean lashes are happy lashes

If you’ve visited the Lash Game website, you’d know that this is one of our favourite sayings and the inspiration behind our Foaming Lash Cleanser . This best-selling product removes any dirt, oil and make-up residue that build ups on your lashes, leaving them conditioned and squeaky-clean. By regularly cleansing their lash extensions with a specially formulated eyelash cleanser, your clients will extend their lash wear and improve the health of their natural lashes. This means you’ll get more time to actually lash during an appointment, rather than spending ten to fifteen minutes cleaning dirty extensions. Talk about a win-win!

Picture the end of the average lash appointment - your client has experienced your beautifully clean salon and is admiring their gorgeous, new, safely-applied lash extensions. Hopefully, this is the time that a client will ask how to clean and care for their lashes - and if not, it’s time to lay some wisdom down about lash aftercare. It’s important to explain how aftercare works, but I think it’s equally key educate your clients about exactly why cleansing their lashes is such a game changer. Here’s the lowdown: skin oils, eye makeup, foundation and everyday grime are caught in your lashes and build up. This happens with all hair follicles, including the ones on your head - this is why we use shampoo so religiously! If you don’t wash your lashes, this lash buildup can form a crust which blocks hair follicles and causes a lot of itching and just plain discomfort. If left unchecked, lash grime can even lead to blepharitis, an irritable inflammation of the lash duct that causes crusty eyelids and watery eyes. Blepharitis is a chronic condition and often results in eyelash growth problems - every lash lover’s worst nightmare! If your client spends five minutes every few days cleansing their lashes, all this can be so easily avoided.

So how do you ensure that your clients are enjoying happy, healthy lashes long-term? Get your hands on a reputable lash cleanser and recommend it to your clients as a dynamite aftercare product. If your clients report itchy lashes, ask them about their cleaning habits - a cleanser may be exactly what they need! Our Lash Game Foaming Cleanser  is super easy to use, and fits easily into an everyday cleansing routine. All you have to do is dispense the foamy cleansing solution into your hand and gently brush it through your lashes using the handy cleansing brush. Splash your face with water and you’re done! Once a client starts a lash cleansing routine, you’ll be able to see the difference during the very next infill - brace yourself for clean, clear lashes and improved retention. Bring it on!

Hygiene heroes

So what are the best products to use for a hygienic lashing experience, both in and out of the salon?

  • medical-grade disinfectant

  • hand sanitiser

  • face masks

  • a bucket of easy-to-use cleaning supplies

  • disposable lash products

  • Lash Game Foaming Cleanser