The Top 7 proper sanitation and hygiene practices for eyelash extension professionals

Hey there, lash queens! When it comes to keeping our lash game strong, it's not just about creating fabulous lash sets, but also maintaining a clean and safe working environment. After all, we don't want any unwanted "lashes-trophes" messing with our clients' gorgeous lash extensions. So, let's dive into the top 7 proper sanitation and hygiene practices that will help us slay the lash game while keeping it clean and safe!

  1. Clean Tools are the Real MVPs

Clean tools are our lash BFFs, and we need to show them some serious love! Make sure to clean and sanitize your tweezers, lash brushes, and other tools between clients. No one wants to see a "funky lash dance" caused by cross-contamination. So, clean those tools like a boss and keep them germ-free!

  1. Wash Those Hands, Honey!

We know you're a lash superstar, but even superstars need to wash their hands! Always wash your hands thoroughly before starting any lash application. It's the best way to say "bye-bye" to germs and "hello" to healthy lashes. Keep those hands clean and germ-free, and you'll be a lash hygiene goddess!

  1. Fresh Linens for Fresh Lashes

Lash naps are the bomb, but let's make sure our clients' heads are resting on fresh linens. Change your pillow covers, bed sheets, and towels between clients to keep things fresh and clean. It's like a mini spa day for your clients and shows you're a hygiene diva!

  1. Disinfect All the Things

Disinfect like a pro! Clean and disinfect all surfaces in your lash studio, including your lash bed, lash trays, and any other tools or equipment. It's like a "germ-killing dance party" for your studio, and your clients will appreciate your attention to detail!

  1. Bye-Bye, Double-Dipping

No double-dipping allowed in the lash world! It's like the "frenemy" of proper hygiene. Always use a fresh, disposable adhesive ring or glue stone for each client. Double-dipping is a big no-no, and we're not about that "lash drama." So, keep it clean and use fresh adhesive for every client.

  1. Cleanse Those Lashes

Lash hygiene is not just about the tools and surfaces, but also the lashes themselves. Cleanse your clients' lashes thoroughly before starting the lash application process. It's like a "lash detox" that removes oils, dirt, and makeup residue, and sets the stage for flawless lash extensions.

  1. Educate Your Clients

Spread the lash hygiene gospel! Educate your clients on proper aftercare and hygiene practices to maintain their lash extensions. Share tips on cleansing, avoiding mascara, and other lash-friendly practices. It's like a "lash care party" that keeps their lashes healthy and your work looking fabulous!

Remember, proper sanitation and hygiene practices are essential for maintaining a clean and safe working environment for you and your clients. It's like the foundation for a flawless lash game. So, let's slay those lashes and keep it clean and hygienic, because nothing is more fabulous than a lash queen who knows how to keep it clean!

Stay fierce and lash on, beauties!