Tips for taking better photos for social media

We all love social media - the memes, the funny cat videos, the beauty tutorials. But did you know it’s also one of the most effective ways to market your business?

Studies show that Australian women are spending a staggering amount of time per week scrolling, with those aged 14-24 using 13.7 hours of their week on socials. The next age group, the 25-30-year-olds, still spend a respectable 9 hours every week utilising social media. These are all potential clients, who are sitting on their phones just waiting to stumble across your must-have lash photo and book an appointment with you. And did we mention that, for the most part, social media is free to use? It’s a no-brainer!

Lash businesses are jumping on the Instagram bandwagon for its image-heavy structure and ease of use. Instagram, the third most popular social medium, has an astonishing 9 million active Australian users. By running a high-quality Instagram page, you can tell the world what you’re all about and show them the beautiful work that you produce. Lashes, brows - we all work to create something gorgeous every day, so why not show it off on social media?

The foundation of a good business page is solid, stunning portfolio work. Why would a potential client book in with you, if they can’t see what you have to offer? In an increasingly competitive beauty industry, knowing how to take a great lash picture is incredibly important. Luckily, we’re here to give you the tips you need to get that shot!


Always ask first. If you’re taking photos of a regular client, please don’t start snapping away without their permission! Smiling and asking nicely to take a photo of their lashes is usually a much better start.

Choose a high-quality smartphone (if you can). Apple iPhones seem to produce the best quality lash photos for some reason - functions like portrait mode pick up lash details beautifully. If you don’t want to switch out your phone, make sure you go into ‘settings’ and select ‘HD’ photos - this ensures that your photos are as high quality as possible.

Clean your lens. You take your phone with you everywhere - chances are the lens is a little dirty, which affects the quality of your photos. Wipe your lens with a tissue or cotton bud before you start snapping, and check out the difference!

The grid is your friend. Turn on the ‘grid’ function on your camera to enhance your angles - the lines in the grid can help you to better align your photos. Try to keep all full face shots perfectly even by lining up your model’s pupils!

Brush your lashes (and don’t forget the brows!). Before each photo, ask your model whether you can give their lashes and brows a quick brush with a spoolie. This gives a more sleek, polished look and doesn’t distract Instagram viewers from the main event - your fabulous lash work!

A little Facetune never hurt anybody. Facetune is a nifty app used by a lot of top beauty bloggers - you can use this app to smooth out your model’s skin and get rid of any pimples or marks. Using Facetune on your model’s skin can create a beautiful even complexion and show off your lashes.

Note: we’d never condone airbrushing or Photoshopping your actual lash work - this is definitely a no-no, and will create more issues for you in the long run!

Direct your client’s gaze using your finger. Holding your phone in one hand, use your pointer finger on the other hand as a marker for your client to look at during photos. This means you can experiment with new angles for your photos, and the client won’t be confused about where to point their eyes.

Lighting is everything. How you light your image will make every difference to the final product. We'd highly recommend a ring light (either clip on to your phone or a full size ring light - the latter is the best option!) and bring your camera/phone inside the circle to take pics for maximum lighting. 


There are three main photo poses which show off lash extensions - these are poses that you’ll see everywhere, from Instagram to lash competitions.

Full face shot. Your model can be lying down or sitting up during this shot - whatever your preference. Using your pointer finger as a marker, ask your model to look upwards and tuck their chin in slightly. This will give a lovely, even full face photo. Always include the entire face in your shot, including the model’s chin - if not, the angles of the face are distorted and you get a very unflattering shot.

Single eye shot. These close-ups are the real money shots - by zooming in on the lashes, you can show off the neatness of your work. This kind of photo works best when your model is lying down and looking straight ahead. Holding your phone in one hand, rotate it to one side and bring the camera in close to your model’s face. Angle your phone slightly so that you’re shooting from underneath the eye area - this shows off the lashes from root to tip. Ensure the photo is clear and close up - don’t be afraid to take a lot of shots from different angles!

Beauty shot. This shot works best for a more natural, candid lash photo. With your model lying down and looking up, tilt your phone to the side and take a diagonal shot of their full face. You can be playful with the beauty shot - see if you can tell a joke and get your model to smile for an especially fun photo!

Don’t worry if your first few photos don’t turn out that way you envisioned - the best way to become a top lash photographer is to practice, practice, practice. If you get in the habit of taking a photo with every client, you’ll be filling your Instagram with gorgeous photos before you know it!