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Eyelash Tweezers and Tools

A selection of quality eyelash extension tools and equipment including Tweezers, Scissors, glue plates and films.


Tweezers and Tools

Glue Stone

$3.50inc. GST
Eyelash Extension Stainless Steel Isolation TweezersEyelash Extension Stainless Steel Isolation Tweezers
$22.50inc. GST
pickup tweezers

Tweezers and Tools

Pickup Tweezers ESD – 15

$12.50inc. GST
lash palletlash-holder-1

Tweezers and Tools

Lash Pallets

$19.50inc. GST
eyelash extension scissors

Tweezers and Tools

Eyelash Extension Scissors

$9.50inc. GST
Eyelash Extension Stainless Steel Volume TweezersEyelash Extension Stainless Steel Volume Tweezers
$35.00inc. GST
Vetus Stainless Tweezers ESD-11
$12.50inc. GST